Monday’s apples

It was one of those weekends where my only survival strategy was focusing on the fact that Monday would, eventually, arrive and the boys would go back to school. And I could return to the bliss of #nicolaonspringbreak. ‘Bye! I love you all!’ one of the boys yelled as he walked out the door this […]

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Spring Break. For Real.

April Fool’s has passed, so I declare the following without even a hint of hyperbole: I’m on day 5 of the best vacation. Of my life. What’s that? You thought the boys were on Spring Break last week? They were. But the only thing that set the ‘break’ apart from any other week was the […]

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Johnson Canyon

It’s that time of year, again, when schools shutter their doors for 11 days in the name of a break that is not particularly Spring-like. Unlike years past, Spring Break 2016 unfolded somewhat differently and not because we joined the throngs of North Americans flying to Mexico and Hawaii and anywherebuthere. This year the professor’s […]

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These are the days of our lives

However your morning began, I can only assume you did not greet the day in the following manner: [Sleeping] ‘Mom, I have measles!’ [Comatose brain barely recognizes voice of oldest boy-child.] ‘Um, wha-a-at?! Come here please.’ I croak, equal parts annoyed at the brutal invasion of my last few minutes of sleep and alarmed that my […]

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The Retirees

Unlike most of the world, who left academia behind the day they graduated from college, our lives continue to be ordered around semesters and breaks. Thus a new year brings not only a change in the calendar, but also adjustments to the professor’s teaching load and work schedule. And so, the schedule it took me the […]

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The Bird Whisperer(s)

A few weeks before Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon, we drove to Edworthy Park with a camera and tripod in an effort to capture the somewhat dreaded, annual photo-for-the-Christmas-card-we-don’t-actually-mail-out. In recent years, this particular ‘event’ has been so painful – think: hundreds of outtakes of irritated mother, blinking, uncooperative children, squinty-eyed husband who insists on not smiling […]

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What price a bargain

There was a time in my life, once, very long ago, when I tolerated trips to the mall, as a means to an end. I needed clothes. I needed some vaguely-social interaction. Check and check. I even, on occasion, frequented the mall during ultra busy times such as Black Friday or rightafterChristmas. When the stores were ultra-crowded […]

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Field Trip: The Grand Finale

I woke up Tuesday morning and my primary thought was something like: how do I get out of volunteering for speedskating today? But alas, other than ‘I have an inch-long scab on my finger’ I really didn’t have sufficient cause for withdrawing from my commitment. Hence I walked back over to the school and got on […]

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