The Retirees

Unlike most of the world, who left academia behind the day they graduated from college, our lives continue to be ordered around semesters and breaks. Thus a new year brings not only a change in the calendar, but also adjustments to the professor’s teaching load and work schedule. And so, the schedule it took me the […]

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The Bird Whisperer(s)

A few weeks before Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon, we drove to Edworthy Park with a camera and tripod in an effort to capture the somewhat dreaded, annual photo-for-the-Christmas-card-we-don’t-actually-mail-out. In recent years, this particular ‘event’ has been so painful – think: hundreds of outtakes of irritated mother, blinking, uncooperative children, squinty-eyed husband who insists on not smiling […]

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What price a bargain

There was a time in my life, once, very long ago, when I tolerated trips to the mall, as a means to an end. I needed clothes. I needed some vaguely-social interaction. Check and check. I even, on occasion, frequented the mall during ultra busy times such as Black Friday or rightafterChristmas. When the stores were ultra-crowded […]

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Field Trip: The Grand Finale

I woke up Tuesday morning and my primary thought was something like: how do I get out of volunteering for speedskating today? But alas, other than ‘I have an inch-long scab on my finger’ I really didn’t have sufficient cause for withdrawing from my commitment. Hence I walked back over to the school and got on […]

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Field Trip: Take 2.

Though I’d all but vowed to burn my volunteer badge after my most recent public humiliation chaperone experience, I’d previously committed to a few additional stints of enrichment, all in the name of fairness. For in addition to falling prey to emails threatening cancellation of so-called learning excursions, I am even more susceptible to the […]

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The Fieldtrip

An email appeared in my perpetually cluttered inbox: the upcoming grade one fieldtrip was in dire need of volunteers. If two parents didn’t step up to forfeit offer up six point five hours on a November Tuesday, the trip would have to be cancelled. If I could turn back ti-ime, I would read the email, […]

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We need to talk about Evan*

After a dubiously serendipitous glance at the local paper revealed a young boy would be performing a solo piano recital, I made plans to drag accompany my boy-children to said performance. They were not as delighted by my decision as one might have thought. Or maybe they were exactly as delighted as one might have […]

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Truthdays with Jason

Thursday morning arrived, and it was time for my weekly coffee date with the professor. Even though we’d spent most of the previous [Remembrance] day in one another’s company, learning the ins and outs of an overly complicated boardgame called Small World, it was Thursday. So we went for coffee. Like we do. We had the usual ‘where do […]

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